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Congratulations to our
2023 Au Pair of the Year winners!

Tawyny Santos

First Place Winner

Antonia Dorsch

Second Place Winner

Ingrid De Farias

Third Place Winner

Tamires Guerreiro

Honorable Mention

Wendy Bautista Pena

Honorable Mention

  • Second Place Winner

    Antonia_Dorsch – Germany

    "We welcomed Antonia Dorsch into our home in October 2021. To put in simple terms, Antonia has been truly exceptional. She has seamlessly integrated into our family and passionately explored her new culture in our hometown and throughout the United States. Our children have certainly come to love her, and it is with our greatest enthusiasm that we nominate her for the Au Pair of the Year award. Antonia is an Au Pair Extraordinaire, and from the moment she entered our home, it was easy to see she had ample experience with young children. She effortlessly won my 4-year-old son’s respect when she asked permission to enter his room, and she has maintained patience through our toddler’s potty training and tantrums. Antonia uses her own education to offer suggestions for challenging situations while simultaneously adopting our parenting style; she often echoes word for word our responses and makes consistency among the three adults in our home appear easy. She is responsible for getting the boys ready in the mornings, transporting them to and from school, preparing meals, and spending a few hours with them in the afternoon. "

  • Third Place Winner

    Ingrid De Farias Martins Antunes – Brazil

    "We are not a family with adorable young children; with days filled playing in the park, snuggling on the couch, and doing arts and crafts. We are a two-teenager family. A two-teenager family with special needs...Ingrid and Cara interviewed each other the first time via a video call in June 2021 where Cara spoke way too fast and they each probably understood about half of the conversation. But there was a connection that cannot be explained. We spent more time getting to know each other via text (to take advantage of google translate) and then another call where Ingrid was able to meet Rich and the kids (she observed them arguing - gasp!). Still, when we asked her to match with us, she also took a leap of faith and accepted our offer to join our crazy family in August 2021. And though the first year was filled with both big wins and big challenges, we were thrilled she extended with us for another"

  • Honorable Mention

    Tamires Guerreiro Bueno – Brazil

    "When Tami and I first met on that fateful zoom call in July of 2021, I was immediately drawn to her incredibly kind and insightful demeanor – but little did I know that Tami’s arrival to our home in Brooklyn, New York, that November was a true gift that I could have never otherwise imagined. After we agreed to match, my husband, Scott and I were so excited to welcome Tami into our home. We looked forward to sharing stories about her upbringing in Taubate, Brazil, and the genesis of our growing family in New York City. We were on the brink of starting the rest of our lives, with our 1-year old daughter, Alina, and our second on the way. But, on September 9 th , just about one month after we matched with Tami, I received a phone call that changed everything. I had cancer."

  • Honorable Mention

    Wendy Bautista Peña – Colombia

    "Wendy came to our door day-one with a plan for how to tutor and a school our girls, providing them with the structure and routine that aids in learning to self-regulate their emotions. Over the course of 2022 Wendy has grown their knowledge significantly in alphabet, writing, drawing, Spanish, singing, emotional self-expression, and home economics. Our kids went from being a concern in readiness to enter preschool to being more than capable when they began pre-school in the fall. Later, when the winter “tri-demic” of RSV, COVID and the flu hit our family over the course of two months, Wendy dutifully filled the learning gaps for our girls when we had to pull them out of preschool. Regina and Katerina - now four months from turning four - are brilliant, expressive and interesting people with a deep vocabulary to express themselves and inquire about the world. They would not be where they are today without Wendy."

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