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Driving Information for Au Pairs

Visit the Texas Department of Public Safety Driver License Division website for information about driving in Texas.

Educational Information for Au Pairs

The information listed here is your starting point to fulfilling the education requirement.  Your community counselor will have the most popular and affordable choices in your area.

  • The schools listed here are not all reasonable options.  Ask your community counselor for the schools closest to you.
  • Continuing Education (also Adult Education or Lifelong Learning) classes are generally the most affordable options for au pairs.
  • Review the cost, class schedule, and transportation needed for the classes you are interested in with your host family. You need to be responsible about selecting courses that meet at times that will not conflict with your work schedule. Take into consideration the time it will take to travel between home and the campus. Your host family must approve your plans.
  • Host families reimburse tuition costs and costs of related materials (books and supplies) up to $500 ($1000 for EduCare) for you to complete your six semester hours (12 for EduCare), or the equivalent.  You are responsible for all payments for tuition, fees, books and materials that exceed the host family’s contribution. Education money is not paid to you in cash if you do not use the complete amount.

Austin Community College

Brookhaven Community College

Collin County Community College

Dallas County Community College District

Houston Community College

North Central Texas College

Northlake College

Tarrant County College

Lone Star College System:

Texas Christian University

University of Texas

Tourist and Other Information

Dallas/Fort Worth:
For events around the Austin area and activities to do with children:
For events around the Dallas and Fort Worth area and activities to do with children:
For events around the Houston area and activities to do with children:

"The flexibility the program affords us is outstanding. With other child care options, I always felt I was accommodating their schedule instead of my own."

Jill, host parent
New Jersey

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