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Congratulations to our
2022 Au Pair of the Year winners!

We received a record number of host family nominations, each of them filled with heartwarming stories about their au pair. Choosing winners for first, second and third place only proved to be too difficult, so we have added a fourth category for Honorable Mention. Below are their special stories. In addition, all au pairs who were nominated by their host families will receive a special Celebration Award Certificate.

    2022 Au Pair of the Year – First Place Winner

    Daiane Maia – Brazil

    "We fell in love with Daiane the very first time we interviewed with her and by the next day we had matched! She is just that charismatic and genuine. During the time it took for her to secure visa and arrive in USA due to pandemic related delays, she meticulously prepared lists of activities she had planned to do with our three kids whose personalities and ages couldn't be any different. She took keen notes about our family, our Pakistani Muslim culture and the beautiful country of America that we are living in."


  • Second Place Winner

    Laura Villalobos – Columbia

    "As a family with four young children, I was pretty certain most au pairs would pass on our profile. To be honest, if I were in that position, I would quickly pass without a second glance! But Laura didn’t. In a short amount of time, I learned that Laura does not shy away from a challenge. In fact, I have watched her thrive through change and challenge. The process of getting to know each other was a blast. Even before she arrived in the US. She asked the most thoughtful, curious questions. And she shared really wonderful tidbits about her family, life and culture. Without even stepping a foot into our home, I felt an authentic comfort and connection with her.

    But then she did step into our home and we felt like she was instant family. Right away, she was forming bonds with the kids through amazing dance parties, crafts that put Pinterest to shame, her ridiculous faceprinting skills, her joy and enthusiasm and that enviable 20- something level of energy. She never complained about a task, and continues to do everything, whether complicated or menial, to the best of her ability."

  • Third Place Winner

    Sherice Naidoo – South Africa

    "Sherice came from Durban, South Africa, to live with our family in November of 2019. Less than 4 months later, instead of living the quintessential American dream we’d hoped for her- schools were abruptly closed, supply and grocery shortages began, and rather than hunkering down at home to help, both her essential worker host parents had to keep going into work every day- one as a pediatric critical care nurse and one as federal law enforcement. I am sure many families have amazing au pair stories like ours, but I truly believe Sherice stands apart. Her resilience saved us many times over the following 20 months, and she set an amazing example for our children. Sherice kept our whole family going with her positive attitude and fun-loving, caring nature. I think her favorite phrase is “no problem.” She was so intuitive in her immediate understanding of what both kids (ages 8 and 15) needed to feel safe, and entertained, and optimistic. "

  • 2021 Au Pair of the Year – First Place Winner

    Liraz Zohar – Israel

    "Liraz has been with our family for almost a year and a half – in the time of Corona – and has both transformed herself and transformed our family.
    Liraz was born in an ultra-Orthodox home, and spent the majority of her life in an extremely insular and segregated environment. Her opportunities for secondary education were limited. And though she has an amazing and supportive family, she dreamt of a different kind of life as an independent, modern woman who interacts with the world and her Judaism in a way that she alone determines.

  • 2021 Au Pair of the Year – Second Place Winner

    Klaudia Koza – Poland

    "When we first met Klaudia we were immediately drawn to her intelligence and personality, but we weren’t sure if she would be interested in joining our family. We were worried that she’d turn and run away the moment she met our three very energetic young boys Elias (9), Aris (6), and Israh (5). Still, our gut told us Klaudia was the right fit for our family and, to our surprise, she was up for the challenge. Despite our early concerns, Klaudia has not only survived our boys, but she has flourished. "

  • 2021 Au Pair of the Year – Third Place Winner

    Julie Spriet – France

    "Julie is a superhero, supporting our family like a team member and a role model for our kids and our family.

    We first discovered Julie had superpowers when Ethan, our oldest son, started preschool. Julie was able to use her sixth sense that something was not right after 2 months. Ethan was not speaking and was completely non-verbal in public situations in English. Teachers just thought he was shy."

  • 2021 Au Pair of the Year – Honorable Mention

    Danisha Munsamy – South Africa

    "I call Danisha my sister, but she is even more than that. She has become my co-parent, my daughter, my lifelong friend. I do not think either of us could have guessed what we would endure together over the years, but I cannot think of a better person to have been in our home and be part of our family during it all. We were blessed with Danisha’s arrival in January 2019."

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